The end of the SNAP challange

In week three I stayed within the remainder of our budget, but barely. This left us with no money left for week four.

I am going to be honest, when I committed to this challange I was feeling good and productive and not at all like I was nearing the end of a pregnancy. I planned on cooking all our meals and making my gluten free flour mixes from scratch and all that fun stuff but quite honestly, this pregnancy is taking its toll.

I know this is possible. People eat on a lot less all the time. I personally have friends maintaining a fairly balanced, healthy diet (not gluten free but fresh whole foods at least).

If I had not spend so much money on boxed bread mixes, pre-made gluten free bread, and if my husband did not eat 2 loaves of sprouted wheat bread a week we would have saved a lot of money and probably been able to better meet our goal. I would like to try this challenge again in the spring when the CSA is in full swing. The CSA we joined costs an average of $22 a week for fresh picked seasonal, organic fruits and veggies right off the farm. Those baskets usually last us a good week and only need minimal supplementation from the farmers market.

I can not wait for the summer and farmers markets!

So please, keep on me and make sure I follow through and try this again. My lazy ways and big pregnant self just could not find the motivation to stick with it for the full month and I think that doing the challenge for a full month is the only way to go, this way you have the ability to buy items on sale when you see them and let the items last longer than the week, like the big pack of organic chicken I found at whole foods in week 1 for under $5.

Thanks so much for reading and please let me know if you accepted the challenge and how you did! Feel free to link your blogs!


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