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Tummy Tamer Tea

As I have mentioned before I have been struggling with a gluten intolerance and have cut out gluten from my food, unless something slips in there I don’t know about. I have been gluten-free for almost 2 months and my stomach still HURTS! Even with the medication I am taking I am having issues and can not figure out what the problem is. I understand I have a food slip (where there is gluten in something I was not aware of) probably once a week but the stomach pain is daily. I called the pharmacy where I get my stomach medicine to find out what else is in the pill other than the drug its self and the pill is not gluten-free… Damn it!

So I talked to my midwife and she recommended papaya enzymes. I am going to go get some tomorrow. I guess most of the people in her family have celiac and that is what they take when they have gluten issues.

I went to the herbalist and told them my problem, and that I needed a tea to help assist with my digestion problems and healing and this is what they suggested, I thought I would share.

Equal parts of:

Calendula: Soothes and heals intestinal lining and reduces inflammation.
Fennel: Helps treat indigestion, calming to the intestines and stomach.
Marshmallow root: Soothes irritation of the mucous membranes, coats the stomach and other digestive regions, protecting their soft walls from acid and other irritants.
Chamomile: Anti inflammatory, calming.

She mentioned the tea mix they usually recommend has other herbs in it that are not safe for pregnancy/lactation so we stuck with this simple tea. Lets hope it helps. I have had a nice big 24 oz of it so far today and my stomach does feel better. Lets hope it lasts!

How do you soothe an angry stomach? Any natural celiac tips?


Outback Steak House gluten-free goodness.

My husband won an award from work today for being super awesome. Apparently he was more “urgent” than the other 400+ people nominated for this award for one of the pillars of excellence. There was a lot of corporate chatter attached to the award but it boils down to the fact that he is super duper and got a $50 gift certificate to Outback Steakhouse. I can not tell you the joy this filled my pregnant belly with.

As I have briefly mentioned I have recently been diagnosed with a “gluten intolerance” and have yet to be determined if I actually have Celiac or not. My blood tests came back positive but the procedure involved to confirm diagnosis is one I would like to avoid as long as possible. I do know that if I avoid gluten I don’t feel like crap. My indigestion is much more manageable, I have more energy and am more emotionally stable. Ask Mike he agrees that I am “less crazy” than I was. We will call that progress.

This gluten issue is usually manageable as long as we don’t go out to eat. When we do it is a big game of Russian Roulette as to weather or not the meal is actually gluten free or not. For example, although Pho (the soup of the gods) is gluten free and no flour is added to the meat or broth, made with rice noodles, if you add the brown prune sauce to your soup (which adds a delicious sweet flavor) you have just caused your self a world of pain. The sauce has wheat flour in it. Gladly siriacha sauce does not.

Anyway, most restaurants that we frequent(ed) do not have a gluten free menu and you are at the mercy of the chef or waiters to know what the hell gluten free really means.

I heard rumor of a gluten-free menu at Outback from Jared at and was very excited to check it out.

When we got to Outback I asked for the gluten-free menu and there was a printed menu! It is also available online.  It told you what dressings were gluten-free (all but the blue cheese and honey mustard) and to ask for no croutons. It mentioned the seasoning they use for veggies is not GF and to ask for them without it. It had a list of GF alcoholic beverages that I plan on working through once I am no longer supporting a life with my own body. There were a lot of great choices but we were at Outback and I wanted steak!

Thankfully the steak seasoning they use is GF and the steak, as always, was very tasty. We also got the GF brownie with ice cream. I believe it was called the Chocolate Thunder From Down Under. It was very soft, chocolatey and nutty. Insert inappropriate dirty joke here.

I can say I did not want for more. It was perfect in every way. I also did not leave feeling slow, bloated and blegh. I feel pleasingly full, but not overly, with energy to spare. I even switched the laundry. I will call that an accomplishment.

Where do you like to eat GF? Are there other good places that make it easy to choose with GF menus that I do not know about? Please share!