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Funkified… how do you get out of a funk?

I am in a writing group and this weeks assignment asks how do you get out of a funk or rut? I was thinking she was talking about writing but everyone seems to be writing about life. Well that makes sence! I can be so dense some times.

I tend to get funkey/funkified/funktastic when things change. I don’t do change well. Most mammals don’t actually. We all to expect the expected, surprises are nice… as long as they involve wine, chocolate, or large wads of cash landing in our lap (or all three!), but for the most part change and me do not get along.

I can actually chronicle a few big changes in my life and how I handled them. When I moved from Flagstaff to Phoenix, then had crazy health issues, was sick as a dog, fell in love, and moved to Spokane in a years time frame I was funked. I was super sick, just quit smoking and was moving from everything I ever knew. I love my husband dearly, even before he was my husband, but I took the change hard. I fell into a pretty hard depression and needed prozac to get out of it. I am not sure now, looking back on it, if I actually NEEDED the anti-depressant but I was on it because I did not know better. Once I got settled in Spokane and life became more normal I got off the drugs.

After I had my little princess I had postpartum depression. It wasnt as bad as a lot of people have, but I was depressed, moody, and terrified of the littlest most out of the blue thing happening to my baby girl. It was kinda nuts. Now every mother has a healthy level of paranoia but I was over the edge. I got antidepressants for that too. I made this decision knowingly. I could have used  herbs to enhance my mood, but because I was just establishing my nursing relationship with my daughter, and I did not have the resources available to tell me what herbs I could and could not use while breast-feeding, I decided to go with the drugs instead of the herbs. I was on the Prozac for about two months, until my hormones could even out and I was able to prove to my self that I was a competent mother after all and I could do this.

This funk with this move has not been as bad. I can tell you I am very glad it has not been as bad but I wonder which change made the difference.

I have been getting acupuncture treatments to help my body even out. I have been working with my acupunctureist (Rebekah Giangrecco at New Moon Acupuncture in Spokane) on making my body healthy again. We have been focusing on the Liver and Adrenals and I can’t tell you how much more refreshed and energized I am with the right nutrition and supplements! It is amazing! Rebekah would always ask me what was going on in my life every visit. I would tell her the stresses I was dealing with, my victories and failures, and she would do her magic. At the end of treatments I would feel so relaxed, calm and my anxiety would be gone. It flew into the wind. The sounds she made with the tuning forks and big bells helped keep my body in tune with its self and with the world around me. IT was relaxing and amazing.

I have also been getting massage therapy just about every week since I was about 2 months pregnant. Katrina, my MT is AMAZING. She is THE BEST massage therapist EVER! She knows just what your body needs, even when you don’t. She specializes in woman (she is wonderful with pregnancy) and she works on children as well. She is so great with Ellie. When I had to bring her to my appointments Katrina would always talk to her, give her things to play with, and make me feel very comfortable with having my child there, watched by her while she treated me. The masages were  not only therapeutic but very relaxing and I am sure that has something to do with it. Katrina is taking new clients! She is in Spokane so let me know if you need her #.

I have been doing my yoga, but more off than on lately with all the crazy going on. As soon as we get internet hooked up to the apartment instead of on my phone I will start that again. That also helps clarify my mind and get tuned to my self. I love yoga.

I think the last thing that has helped me stay funk-free this move is my herbs. I know I know crazy herb lady. My herbs give me a focal point, a point where I can go out side, check my plants, water them, touch the earth and renew. It is very peaceful and nice to be able to see my herbs doing well. Harvesting and eating them is amazing. I am very excited to preserve seeds for my starts next year. My  herbs seem to be my constant connection to the earth and the string holding my old and new home together. I am very glad I fought for that trunk space!

So re-center, re-focus, and re-new. Play with plants and focus on my self, that is my new defunkification routine.

How do you defunkify?

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Summer time and the moving is crazy

Spring. Plants growing, flowers blooming, and allergies breaking the soul of the most tough people around. Rain falls, leaves appear, and spring is here.  In Spokane it STILL felt like spring, even though the summer solstice is almost upon us. We just arrived in Colorado yesterday and it finally feels like summer! The air is clean and smells like blooming flowers, not just one flower, but a bouquet of flowers all blooming and combining into a wonderful mélange of scents. Combine this with the smell of barbeque and the sound of kids playing in the pool, setting off illegal fireworks; and you have a beautiful beginning to the lightest time of year.

We just arrived in our new apartment, moving into 900sq ft compared to the almost 2000sq ft house (if you count the basement) we own in Spokane, with nothing but the possessions we could fit in the car, us, the baby, and the dog. It does not feel like home yet. Maybe we will feel better once the rest of our belongings arrive. Our stuff is scattered around the living room and one of the bedrooms. The apartment smells like a smoker lived here before and they tried to clean the smell out by painting and cleaning the carpets. So basically it smells like paint and smokey moldey carpet. There were finishing nails in the carpet on the floor that my child crawls on and I am still paranoid that one is lurking in a deep dark corner that only my little girl’s spidey senses can detect, and while my back is turned for two seconds she will find it and put it in her mouth. Does anyone have a large magnet I can use to get the stray nails off the floor?

The drive was not that bad for all that was going on. We were working our butts off on the house for 2 weeks prior to the move. Ten of those days we were working at least 10 hour days, usually 12 hour days trying to get everything done. We meant to leave Friday morning and get an early start on the drive so we could take our time and enjoy the scenery. We left Saturday night at 8:30 with a bunch of stuff left on the front porch, in the garage, and the window casings not finished. The house was a mess but we just couldn’t go any more! We got some construction workers to help us on Saturday and they are supposed to come back sometime this week to finish up the window casings. Thankfully the economy sucks and they were willing to do most of their work on trade. We are down two very nice saws and whatever they took from our donate pile, as well as the food that was left in the house, for their work on Saturday and this week. I just hope they go back to finish the work.

Our Realtor is wonderful and taking all this like a champ. She owns her own “green” cleaning company so we are paying her to take care of the house cleaning. If you need an eco-friendly maid service that does a great job let me know! I can give you her business info. She is amazing.

I still can’t believe how much garbage we had in the house! So much waste comes with a move. We recycled as much as we could and donated the rest but there was still a lot of waste. I was happy though that when we did put broken stuff out on the sidewalk with a sign that said “FREE” (broken baby gates, banged up broken desks, sod that didn’t get used, etc.) people took the stuff away right away! That made me feel a little bit better about getting rid of the stuff. We had two of the wooden framed, plastic cris-cross pattern in the center broken baby gates. One lady took a broken one to contain the new puppy she just got, and one took the other broken baby gate for her pea plants to climb up. What great thinking!

So we leave on Saturday night, tired, sore and grumpy, with a tired grumpy baby and a dog that has no idea what is going on. We got all the way into Montana and stopped. It was about 2 hours but we just could not go any further! When I got out of the car to get the hotel room a beautiful smell assaulted me. I say assaulted because you don’t really realize how bad you and your husband smell until you smell fresh clean air. We were pretty rank. The smell of a full, fast flowing, and live river permeated the air. The smell was so fresh and clean. There is no better smell in the world than fresh, clean, flowing water in clean air. MMMM. That was refreshing. We slept with the window open that night with that beautiful smell and the crisp spring air filling the room.

The next day we drove into Wyoming, which was a beautiful drive. The 90 freeway follows the river right down into the plains. The rolling hills, green grass, and overflowing and powerful river were very pretty and were a great sight to enjoy. We decided next year we are going to celebrate Ellies birthday in Yellowstone National Park. I have never been but always wanted to. What a great thing to share with your family! It is just about as close to us here in CO as it was in WA so no excuses! We have to go see. The air in Wyoming was also fresh and clean. I couldn’t believe how unpopulated it was. It is definitely somewhere we will have to visit someday.

So we got here in CO at 5:30 on Monday, right before the leasing office closed. Things were crazy and hectic but we got everything done and settled. Sitting here, in our new home I still feel disconnected from reality, like this is not our home. This is not our life. But it is, and we will make the most of it. I have spent a lot of time outside today, walking, getting connected with the earth and the rhythm of the place and I know I can find peace. I am drinking some tea from the plants I brought with me from Spokane to help bring the since of home to me here and now. Yes I brought herbs with me from Spokane to here. I am the crazy herb lady.

Hopefully I can bring these herbs with me to our next home and continue the health and vibrant energy I have been fostering all spring. I will bring it into summer, through fall, and hopefully some can live inside during winter. Life will be good. We will have peace. The heart just needs to follow what the mind has been repeating for months.

Happy summer solstice!

Baby Wearing for the bigger ladies: Performance ERGObaby Carrier Review

When I was pregnant and planning out the future of my child, the kind of parent I wanted to be, the kind of care I wanted my child to have, I decided I wanted to do attachment parenting and baby wear. It seemed like the perfect balance for a nursing mother to stay close to and with her child while still being allowed to be functional. I dreamed, I made a sling, I was given a baby carrier at my shower, I was excited.

Then I had my baby, I discovered that slings are not made for the plus sized mama, and my breasts are too large to wear a new-born by my chest! My breasts were large before pregnancy, but when the milk came in they were GINORMOUS! So Ellie grew and got older and we tried the baby go carrier I got at the baby shower. It did not fit around my waist comfortably at all. I have two bulged disks from working in the hospital (a big reason for my large waist line) and the baby go carrier just aggravated the bad back.

Then when Ellie was around 5 months old we went to BRU and got an infantino baby carrier. My husband loved it and convinced me to buy it. We spent $30 that I will never get back. It is easy to put on but ultimately her legs were not in the correct baby wearing position and I could not use the carrier because the straps bit into my arm fat and it hurt my back. It didn’t matter she was on my back or front, it was still extremely uncomfortable.

I was all but ready to give up completely on the baby wearing when I went to Mothers Haven in Idaho to stock up on my Flip Diaper stash and I was able to try the ERGObaby and the Performance ERGObaby. I fell in LOVE with these carriers!

I am sure finding carriers that don’t maim woman completely are pretty easy to find if you are fit, young, and not a gimp. Being as I am not fit because I am a gimp, and not particularly young, it has been difficult. I can not express my gratitude enough to the nice woman in the store who allowed me to take out the different types of ERGO carriers and try them with Ellie. Front and back, front facing, the ERGO worked wonders. I did prefer the Performance model better. This is the newest design with shoulder straps designed to work better with the curves of a woman. Instead of digging into your armpits and supporting the child on your shoulders, it actually curves around the front of your shoulders and lays there so comfortably that you can hardly feel the straps! It is wonderful. You carry the weight of the baby on your hips where the very well reinforced support belt lays. I believe the sales woman also mention the fabric wicks away moisture. It is amazing!

ERGObaby grey performance carrier

We are getting ready to move to Colorado and there is a lot to do around the house, and very little time to sit around and make sure the child does not get into the one box with the fragile glass, or cleaning products. With the ERGO I am able to wear her when I am getting the house ready. I have worked in the garden with her on my back (she had fun with that one), cleaned the shower and whitened the tile grout, done countless dishes, cleaned the floors, packed, gone to the farmers market, and cooked countless meals. This thing is awesome!

Ellie in the Ergo with Mom, Dad, and "Be-wa" in tow

Thankfully, the waist strap fits around my chubby belly without giving me rolls, so that’s a plus. And lugging around a 23lb baby, doing squats and lunges is great exercise!

Oh and did I mention Ellie LOVES being worn! I can’t believe we have gone almost 9 months without one of these! I would say this is a must have for any parent who has dreams of attachment parenting and baby wearing.

I am very much looking forward to many days of hiking in the rocky mountains and exploring the new neighborhood, people and places with my beautiful daughter firmly and securely on my back learning and growing while watching me live life. What more could a mamma want?

Check out ERGObaby at or go to your local natural parenting store and see if they will let you test one out. I am sure you won’t be disappointed!

What is your favorite baby carrier and why do you love it?

Making the move “Green” edition

Moving is one of the most stressful life events a person can have, right behind bereavement, unemployment, new employment, and pregnancy. It is also very stressful to the environment. Requiring a plethora of boxes, tape, packing and packaging material, and transportation moving is a nasty slap in the face to  mother earth. We are making the move from Spokane to Denver here in less than three weeks! I can’t believe it is all going by so fast! I feel so un-prepared!

As we are finishing up final touches on the house, sorting through all the crap we have thus far acquired in life, and trying to determine what to move, donate, or toss, I find my self being cheap. Thankfully this also is translating into being green! Here are some green moving tips I have come up with so far:

1. Use old recycled boxes. It seems like a no-brainer, why pay a moving company, u-haul or any one else to give you brand new manufactured boxes when there are so many perfectly good, once used boxes from super markets, grocery stores, electronic stores, whole foods, etc. that are just going to be tossed or recycled? As soon as we knew we had a move pending I started collecting boxes every time I went shopping, weather at a grocery stores, world market, electronic stores, book stores, etc. I just asked if they had any extra boxes I could take with me. This way I was not driving around using extra gas to get the boxes, I just collected them as I went.

Also, I went recycle dumpster diving. You can find a lot of great boxes and packing materials behind electronics stores! In more eco-friendly cities there are services that let you rent plastic bins that are made of recycled plastic and they just charge rent on the box by the week. This guy is in CA and has a great business I wish we lived near and could utilize them! but alas, we are not. is also a great place to get used cardboard boxes and moving supplies. It is also a great way to reuse your boxes yet again once you are done with them!

I am using towels, sheets, and the plastic bags I have been keeping from grocery shopping (yeah I get plastic bags when I forget my cloth ones, no one is perfect!), to pack my fragile glass and dinner ware. This way we don’t have to get packing peanuts, and are not adding additional weight. We have to pack the towels anyway, why not utilize them!

2. Unload all your stuff that you don’t LOVE or NEED. I noticed that after only four years of living in this house we have loads of stuff that we have not even touched since our last move! These things are not coming with us to Denver. First of all, we are selling a nice big 2k square foot house and moving into a 2 bedroom apartment until we can find a house there, we have no where to put our stuff! Secondly, there is no need to pay the money to move stuff we have not used in years. Lastly, the extra gas it costs to move all that stuff is not worth it! Instead we are selling a lot of our stuff at yard sales, on craigslist, Mike has a lot of collectible books and gaming stuff we are selling on e-bay, I am selling some books on, and what we can not sell will be donated to our local good will. This has the extra bonus of giving us some extra fundage.

Have electronics that you cant get rid of because they are old or don’t work? We have a portion in our basement committed to dead, outdated tech.  Don’t toss them! Electronics have a lot of nasty chemicals that leach into the ground water, instead recycle them! Just google for an electronics re cycler in your area. is who we are using and they do a great job.

3. If you are selling a house you are probably doing some fixing up. Use recycled paint to repaint your house instead of new paint. It is less expensive and you are doing some good! You dont have the same color variety, but I find us choosing boring beiges to make the house more sell-able. This is perfect!

Also, we are doing finish work on the upstairs, so instead of going to a home store, we went to the habitat for humanity store and got new molding for the upstairs, and can lights lightly used or new left over from other projects for dirt cheap! Great deals! And you are recycling AND helping out a great cause.

4. When you move out you will be doing a lot of cleaning. Make sure you use eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning products. I love the Melaleuca cleaning products, they work well, are non toxic, biodegradable, and smell great! There is also a lot to be said for good ole baking soda and vinegar.

5. You will be driving your car a lot, be sure to get a tune up and check your tire pressure to make sure you will be getting the best miles per gallon during your move!

I hope this helps. It is a little different from most other articles I have seen, but this is my outtake on things, not just a general list for every person. What are your green moving tips?