How to make herbal tea in a french press: For dummies

I made some Crazy Pregnant Lady Tea for a friend of mine who was having some anxiety issues. When she received the zip lock bag full of the tea ingredients she then continued to freak out a little bit. Not very helpful for the anxiety. What do I do now? I have this bag of herbs and now what? I keep forgetting that most people are used to having their tea neatly put into bags and not having to deal with any of this mixing non sense. I did write a post a while ago about the different ways I steep tea BUT here is a step by step guide of the way I make my tea most often.

First thing is first. This is a french press: 

You can get one at Target, and I often see them at Ross. You can also find them on Amazon. They come in 2 sizes, large and small. Pretty straight forward over all. That mesh screen on the bottom of the plunger keeps floaties out of your drink. It is awesome.

When you make herbal tea you use 1tbsp tea mixture for ever cup of hot water. My french press is 6 cups so I use 6 heaping table spoons of tea. It conveniently is right up to the top of that red line on the bottom if you are feeling particularly lazy.

Fill the press with boiling water, put on the top without pushing down the plunger, and let steep AT LEAST 20 minutes. It can steep for up to 8 hours for the maximum benefit. The reason you put the top on to cover it is to keep the volatile oils from the tea in the tea without letting it evaporate out. This is very important.

After it has steeped an appropriate amount of time push down the plunger, pour in your favorite mug and serve.

What is your favorite way to brew your herbal tea?


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