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Baby Wearing for the bigger ladies: Performance ERGObaby Carrier Review

When I was pregnant and planning out the future of my child, the kind of parent I wanted to be, the kind of care I wanted my child to have, I decided I wanted to do attachment parenting and baby wear. It seemed like the perfect balance for a nursing mother to stay close to and with her child while still being allowed to be functional. I dreamed, I made a sling, I was given a baby carrier at my shower, I was excited.

Then I had my baby, I discovered that slings are not made for the plus sized mama, and my breasts are too large to wear a new-born by my chest! My breasts were large before pregnancy, but when the milk came in they were GINORMOUS! So Ellie grew and got older and we tried the baby go carrier I got at the baby shower. It did not fit around my waist comfortably at all. I have two bulged disks from working in the hospital (a big reason for my large waist line) and the baby go carrier just aggravated the bad back.

Then when Ellie was around 5 months old we went to BRU and got an infantino baby carrier. My husband loved it and convinced me to buy it. We spent $30 that I will never get back. It is easy to put on but ultimately her legs were not in the correct baby wearing position http://www.chiropractornanaimo.com/2011/05/how-you-carry-your-baby-can-affect.html and I could not use the carrier because the straps bit into my arm fat and it hurt my back. It didn’t matter she was on my back or front, it was still extremely uncomfortable.

I was all but ready to give up completely on the baby wearing when I went to Mothers Haven in Idaho to stock up on my Flip Diaper stash and I was able to try the ERGObaby and the Performance ERGObaby. I fell in LOVE with these carriers!

I am sure finding carriers that don’t maim woman completely are pretty easy to find if you are fit, young, and not a gimp. Being as I am not fit because I am a gimp, and not particularly young, it has been difficult. I can not express my gratitude enough to the nice woman in the store who allowed me to take out the different types of ERGO carriers and try them with Ellie. Front and back, front facing, the ERGO worked wonders. I did prefer the Performance model better. This is the newest design with shoulder straps designed to work better with the curves of a woman. Instead of digging into your armpits and supporting the child on your shoulders, it actually curves around the front of your shoulders and lays there so comfortably that you can hardly feel the straps! It is wonderful. You carry the weight of the baby on your hips where the very well reinforced support belt lays. I believe the sales woman also mention the fabric wicks away moisture. It is amazing!

ERGObaby grey performance carrier

We are getting ready to move to Colorado and there is a lot to do around the house, and very little time to sit around and make sure the child does not get into the one box with the fragile glass, or cleaning products. With the ERGO I am able to wear her when I am getting the house ready. I have worked in the garden with her on my back (she had fun with that one), cleaned the shower and whitened the tile grout, done countless dishes, cleaned the floors, packed, gone to the farmers market, and cooked countless meals. This thing is awesome!

Ellie in the Ergo with Mom, Dad, and "Be-wa" in tow

Thankfully, the waist strap fits around my chubby belly without giving me rolls, so that’s a plus. And lugging around a 23lb baby, doing squats and lunges is great exercise!

Oh and did I mention Ellie LOVES being worn! I can’t believe we have gone almost 9 months without one of these! I would say this is a must have for any parent who has dreams of attachment parenting and baby wearing.

I am very much looking forward to many days of hiking in the rocky mountains and exploring the new neighborhood, people and places with my beautiful daughter firmly and securely on my back learning and growing while watching me live life. What more could a mamma want?

Check out ERGObaby at http://www.ergobabycarrier.com/ or go to your local natural parenting store and see if they will let you test one out. I am sure you won’t be disappointed!

What is your favorite baby carrier and why do you love it?