Insecure Writers Support Group – March

I am sick. My family is sick. We all have some nasty sinus cold bug thing that sucks the will to live out of you. My 18 month old daughter is sitting on my lap as I type trying to “help” me write, turn off my computer, or throw a fit because I wont let her press the power button on my lap top. I have tried every hippie dippie cure I have and although they help relieve the symptoms temporarily , they definitely do not last as long or relieve the pain as well as good ole fashion drugs do. If I was not pregnant and bfing I might very well say F-it all and go get the other stuff but ALAS my body is not my own. That is probably a good thing, my body has enough toxins to filter as it is.

So this my friends is why I have not written much in the last few days. I try to write a blog every day and post every other day so I have some stashed away in my little hidey hole ready for when Mr. Bubba Thor (no he has no real name yet) makes his appearance. I also try to make an effort to work on my e-books a few hours a week. They seem so discombobulated though and unfocused that I may just start all over again. I am trying at the moment to write a quick “How I ended up here” blurb about my self but it is such a long story I am not sure what to include and what to leave out. Maybe once I get the whole story out I can have someone more objective than me read over it.

Anyway, my issues this month stem around being sick and lazy and pregnant. Any tips on writing with a sick family, a dysfunctional brain, and no focus would be greatly appreciated.

How do you focus when life is not showing you the love you need?

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