Give away! Fuzzy Woolly Balls!

In Caitlin’s post about DIY Laundry Detergent  she mentioned that she uses Wool Dryer Balls as a fabric softener/static reducer with her laundry. We also use wool dryer balls, in fact we have two sets of four! One, unscented, for the diapers, and one that I have scented with lavender essential oil for our every day laundry.

I love wool dryer balls as a natural alternative for our laundry drying needs and LOVE Woolly Balls made by Mindy Hughes, who has been so generous as to send us a set of her very own Woolly Balls to give away!

Introducing the Amazing, Versatile, Hand-made Woolly Ball

Woolly Balls are made from wool yarn and roving, that have been felted in layers to maximize durability. They are super eco-friendly (not just regular eco-friendly), and come from a totally renewable resource (ba aa aa).

In Your dryer they absorb moisture from your washed clothes, cut drying time, and they bounce around with your clothes and beat them into softness. They DO NOT emit chemicals when heated, (like the plastic balls), last for years, and you can use them in every load of laundry. They allow you to stop buying that expensive fabric softener (which actually makes your towels and other cloth LESS absorbent), are naturally antibacterial, resist mildew, and help reduce static cling (separating the synthetic fibers from your cottons helps even more to avoid static).

Why wool? Wool is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. It can absorb up to ONE THIRD of its weight in water before feeling wet. It has natural anti-static properties. Gently bouncing dryer balls will soften your laundry without dryer sheets or chemical fabric softeners. Wool is mostly non-allergenic. For those with chemical sensitive skin, wool is a great choice. Wool is an easily renewable natural resource and is biodegradable. Woolly Balls should last several years, saving you money with each load!  We recommend three to five balls in your dryer, depending on the size of the load.

Woolly Balls are also wonderful natural alternatives to children’s plastic balls for indoor play, are easy to juggle (if you are into that) and perfect for fetch with your favorite pet!


Mindy Hughes is an intentionally unemployed former corporate flunky who decided she was not happy completing other people’s to do lists.  She officially opened her home-based business, Anachronology, in 2011 and sells quality hand-dyed, hand-knit and hand sculpted items made primarily of wool at craft fairs, Renaissance Festivals and through her web-store at She takes pride in the things she creates, and does nothing on a mass-produced level, preferring to create something unique of which she can be proud.  Along with playing with wool and yarn, Mindy is enjoying raising two gifted tweenagers and making a home for her family in Arizona.


So how do you get this AMAZING matching set of Woolly Balls?

You will get an entry for each of these:

Leave a comment telling me how you would use these beautiful Woolly Balls. 
“Like” Anachronology by Mintheweaver on Facebook and let us know about it!
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We will be accepting entries until Sunday February 19th at 9pm, so enter to win! Tell your friends! Let us know how you would use these amazing fuzzy balls to their full advantage.


35 responses to “Give away! Fuzzy Woolly Balls!

  1. These are so much nicer than the ones I made. I would definitely use them for all of our laundry!

  2. Liked Natural Living Mamma on FB!

  3. Also shared on FB!

  4. I’d use them definitely then try to get my mom to stop using liquid softener and use these instead! (And switch to Charlie’s or something similar too!)

  5. Liked Anachronology by Mintheweaver on Facebook.

  6. I’d love to have these to use for our laundry. I’ve had the plastic ones and they are only so-so. I’d be ecstatic if they cut our drying time by that much! They sound so awesome! And they’re sooooo pretty!

  7. Liked the blog on Facebook.

  8. Shared this blog on FB!

  9. I like Natural Living Mama on FB!

  10. Shared on Facebook.

  11. Liked Anachronology by Mintheweaver on FB!
    PS…thanks for the giveaway!!

  12. Oh! I definitely need to try these! It seems like a great way to save money, plus they are so cute 🙂

    I would love to see how well they work with our laundry. Thanks for the giveaway

  13. elizabeth Massey

    I absolutely would love to use these! I need a gentle alternative to dryer sheets!

  14. Elizabeth Massey

    Liked Natural Living Mama on Facebook.

  15. Elizabeth Massey

    Liked Anachronology by Mintheweaver on Facebook.

  16. Jennifer Perge Blankenship

    I would use the wool balls in the dryer with my cloth diapers. I have noticed lately that they get static-y, and would love to try the wool balls to reduce that!

  17. Jennifer Perge Blankenship

    I liked Anachronology by Mintheweaver on Facebook!

  18. Jennifer Perge Blankenship

    I liked Natural Living Mama on Facebook!

  19. Jennifer Perge Blankenship

    I shared the giveaway on Facebook. I don’t do twitter, so can’t share it there 😦

  20. Angelique Kenison

    Like natural living mama and anachronology by mintheweaver. I’ve been wanting to buy some of these for a while. My dryer takes for ever and I hate dryer sheets, I would use them to reduce drying time and to soften things up. I didn’t know scents could be added… Bonus!

  21. I would love an alternative to dryer sheets to keep my towels soft and fluffy! Yay for reusable.

  22. Liked you on Facebook. 🙂

  23. We just got a new washer/dryer as a baby gift from granpa. We needed new ones to wash the baby diapers coming up. We’d love to use these lil guys to soften the diapers going on my baby’s tushie. Trying to rid the house of the toxins and the laundry detergent and softner are first on the list.

  24. Liked both pages and am so happy to find these pages full of info!!

  25. I would love to use these for our cloth diapers. So pretty!

  26. Liked Anachronology on FB 🙂

  27. Liked Natural Living Mamma on FB!

  28. Elizabeth Massey You won! Congratulations. I will follow up with you via e-mail and we will get you your Woolly Balls!

  29. Thanks everyone for your nice comments, and I have bunches of these in construction right now. They will be sold in sets of four for $16 – check later this week as I start to list them. And thanks Amanda!

  30. I have been using wool dryer balls for nearly two months and the one thing I am sure of is that my close come out static-y. Am I perhaps doing something wrong?

    • How many balls are you using? They usually recommend 4-5 balls at a time to really help beat out the static. I know some people in very dry climates find adding a little bit of vinegar to their rinse cycle in the wash helps with static cling as well.

      • Hmmm, I use 6 wool balls and actually do use the white vinegar (forgot to mention that, sorry). I’m beginning to think Reno might just be too darn dry…alas. I’ll keep trying.

        Thanks for your thoughts on it.


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