SNAP Challenge Week 2

Week two and my body gives out on me. I am super pregnant and have a 17month old daughter who keeps me on my feet constantly. My husband has been recovering from pneumonia and I now have some sort of a bug. My back is constantly out and my whole body hurts. YAY pregnancy and having bulged disks and life. So I honestly did not track our every meal, really I did not track any meals.

Mike and Ellie and I scrounged off of what we had around the  house mostly.

We ate a lot of the groceries we bout last week. The chicken and carrots from whole foods. Potatoes and cheese from costco, and odds and ends from the pantry. We spent a little less than $6 on 24 organic eggs at costco. I am not sure the exact amount because we bought my daughter some stuff while we were there.

We spent $154.62 at Sprouts. I was going to scan the receipt so you could see what we bought, but I can not find the damn thing any where! I know it has to be here somewhere and I have put off posting this for two days so when I find it I will post it. I bought meat and veggies mostly, but I did get kombucha (I need to start making my own), yogurt (also need to start making my own), pirates booty (total spur of the moment bad purchase), and lunch meat for Mike’s lunch because I have not been cooking enough for left overs.

That puts our monthly total at the end of Week 2 at $384.22 which leaves us a grand total of $116.78 for the rest of the month.

Lets all say it together *crap* Ok well good news we still have a lot of meat in the freezer, I have gluten free bread mix still un made, and if I am really good and buy only veggies on sale we might make it. We can do this. Wow I wish the CSA was producing stuff right now. It would help a lot.


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