MIA-What we have been doing.

Hello there. It has been a while. I guess you could call me a slacker as I have not been keeping up with my posts, and I guess you would be correct.

A quick update on life. I got pregnant, had a bunch of visitors for Ellie’s birthday, got crazy depressed from the pregnancy and had to climb my way out of that sink hole before it swallowed me whole. Thanks to my mom, supplements and herbs I am back on track and actually feel functional.

Ellie is no longer sleeping in our bed, she is instead sleeping through the night, in her own crib, in her own room! I can not tell you how wonderful this is. I very much cherish the time we had co-sleeping with our little sweety. It made breast feeding SO MUCH easier and more convenient, and I really thing it helped us connect as a family. We decided to switch because Ellie was not sleeping as well, every time I moved she needed to nurse back to sleep, which made me not sleep well. If you have ever been pregnant with a toddler you know how important sleep is. So for all of our sanity we made the switch. It really was the right time to do it.

We got the book “The No Cry Sleep Solution” and read it and followed the books advice. I really liked the book because you could modify it to your families needs. It even allows for co-sleeping families, which I still completely support. With the plan she was upset and did cry for about 40 minutes with us in the room with her but fell asleep. She woke up 3 times the first night but went back down without too much of a fuss. Night two she cried for about 15 min. Since then she cried on and off sometimes for 1-5 min here or there until last week. Now she gets put in her crib and goes to sleep! Sometimes she will babble to her self for a while but no crying! It is amazing and I am SO glad to have such a WONDERFUL husband who got up with Ellie that first week. My biggest concern was that she would want to nurse back to sleep so Mike got up with her at night instead of me. It worked wonders.

As I said the preggo hormones made me crazy. I will make this a separate post but right now I will quickly mention I decided not to take drugs because of the side effects to the fetus. Instead I am working very closely with a natural nutritionist, certified herbalist/apothecary, and my midwife to help me balance my bodies needs and my own. I have a supplemental regime personalized for me by my nutritionist with whole food supplements that help my body get the nutrition it needs. The supplements are expensive but the work wonders. I am also drinking an herbal tea daily designed with the help of my apothecary which gives my mind and body a nice boost. I am drinking some now in fact. I went from completely dysfunctional (my mom came and lived with us for almost a month because I was completely useless) to being a competent, functional human being again! I love it.

That is the last four months in a nut shell. Now that Ellie is going to bed at 7:30 every night I should be more consistent in blogging until the little one arrives.

What do you do to get out of a bad place? What resources do you use to re-center and focus your life?


2 responses to “MIA-What we have been doing.

  1. Hey Amanda, sounds like you’re doing great. That is wonderful to hear. hang in there. it does get easier.


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