Natural Bug Spray

Since it is summer, and we just moved to beautiful Colorado, we have been spending a lot of time out doors. We go walking every morning and evening and have been hiking at least twice a week in the last two weeks. We go swimming a lot in the apartment pool. We have gone to the botanical gardens in Denver which is beautiful! My parents even bought us a family pass so we can go visit more often, thanks mom and dad!  Like I said we have been out a lot.

Ellie and I have been fine. We just make sure to slather on sun block every day before leaving the house so the insta-sunburn doesn’t get us when we aren’t paying attention. Mike has not been so lucky. He has the sweet blood that insects crave. I don’t know why he is so popular, but he gets eaten alive by bugs whenever we leave the house. After researching what is in other bug sprays, I have been reticent to buy any for fear of killing my loving husband, or having my little girl accidentally getting to the spray and drinking it when we have our backs turned. I am very ocd about what I allow in my home and on my family so this wont do at all! Mike begged me to figure out something. I guess he is getting anemic or something from all the blood loss, he usually just deals instead of using my hippie herbal concoctions.

So this is what I did. I went to the dollar store and got a 6 oz spray bottle.

1/2 tbsp Lavender Essential Oil

1/4 tbsp Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

3 oz Witch Hazel

Fill the rest slowly with cold water, cap and spray liberally.

The smell is pretty strong but it keeps the buggies off… of people.  I had some crickets in my plants and sprayed it on them to keep the bugs off. It turns out this stuff kills leaves of plants (my pineapple sage and stevia took it the worst, the sweet basil and tomatoes have dead spots too but the rest of the herbs are ok for now).

So this simple solution works, if you don’t mind smelling like lavender cinnamon, but don’t use it on plants!


2 responses to “Natural Bug Spray

  1. This is GREAT!! I will have to make some. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oooh, I love this recipe- thanks so much for sharing! Looks like great minds think alike because I just did a post on my blog about natural bug spray as well. If you want, check it out:

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