Funkified… how do you get out of a funk?

I am in a writing group and this weeks assignment asks how do you get out of a funk or rut? I was thinking she was talking about writing but everyone seems to be writing about life. Well that makes sence! I can be so dense some times.

I tend to get funkey/funkified/funktastic when things change. I don’t do change well. Most mammals don’t actually. We all to expect the expected, surprises are nice… as long as they involve wine, chocolate, or large wads of cash landing in our lap (or all three!), but for the most part change and me do not get along.

I can actually chronicle a few big changes in my life and how I handled them. When I moved from Flagstaff to Phoenix, then had crazy health issues, was sick as a dog, fell in love, and moved to Spokane in a years time frame I was funked. I was super sick, just quit smoking and was moving from everything I ever knew. I love my husband dearly, even before he was my husband, but I took the change hard. I fell into a pretty hard depression and needed prozac to get out of it. I am not sure now, looking back on it, if I actually NEEDED the anti-depressant but I was on it because I did not know better. Once I got settled in Spokane and life became more normal I got off the drugs.

After I had my little princess I had postpartum depression. It wasnt as bad as a lot of people have, but I was depressed, moody, and terrified of the littlest most out of the blue thing happening to my baby girl. It was kinda nuts. Now every mother has a healthy level of paranoia but I was over the edge. I got antidepressants for that too. I made this decision knowingly. I could have used  herbs to enhance my mood, but because I was just establishing my nursing relationship with my daughter, and I did not have the resources available to tell me what herbs I could and could not use while breast-feeding, I decided to go with the drugs instead of the herbs. I was on the Prozac for about two months, until my hormones could even out and I was able to prove to my self that I was a competent mother after all and I could do this.

This funk with this move has not been as bad. I can tell you I am very glad it has not been as bad but I wonder which change made the difference.

I have been getting acupuncture treatments to help my body even out. I have been working with my acupunctureist (Rebekah Giangrecco at New Moon Acupuncture in Spokane) on making my body healthy again. We have been focusing on the Liver and Adrenals and I can’t tell you how much more refreshed and energized I am with the right nutrition and supplements! It is amazing! Rebekah would always ask me what was going on in my life every visit. I would tell her the stresses I was dealing with, my victories and failures, and she would do her magic. At the end of treatments I would feel so relaxed, calm and my anxiety would be gone. It flew into the wind. The sounds she made with the tuning forks and big bells helped keep my body in tune with its self and with the world around me. IT was relaxing and amazing.

I have also been getting massage therapy just about every week since I was about 2 months pregnant. Katrina, my MT is AMAZING. She is THE BEST massage therapist EVER! She knows just what your body needs, even when you don’t. She specializes in woman (she is wonderful with pregnancy) and she works on children as well. She is so great with Ellie. When I had to bring her to my appointments Katrina would always talk to her, give her things to play with, and make me feel very comfortable with having my child there, watched by her while she treated me. The masages were  not only therapeutic but very relaxing and I am sure that has something to do with it. Katrina is taking new clients! She is in Spokane so let me know if you need her #.

I have been doing my yoga, but more off than on lately with all the crazy going on. As soon as we get internet hooked up to the apartment instead of on my phone I will start that again. That also helps clarify my mind and get tuned to my self. I love yoga.

I think the last thing that has helped me stay funk-free this move is my herbs. I know I know crazy herb lady. My herbs give me a focal point, a point where I can go out side, check my plants, water them, touch the earth and renew. It is very peaceful and nice to be able to see my herbs doing well. Harvesting and eating them is amazing. I am very excited to preserve seeds for my starts next year. My  herbs seem to be my constant connection to the earth and the string holding my old and new home together. I am very glad I fought for that trunk space!

So re-center, re-focus, and re-new. Play with plants and focus on my self, that is my new defunkification routine.

How do you defunkify?

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9 responses to “Funkified… how do you get out of a funk?

  1. mmmm I miss you Amanda!

  2. I lose myself in my imagination when the funk creeps in. I think of stories, story structure, game design, ways to improve games I’ve played and great games/stories that are examples of things I would’ve written.

    I love the blog post. Keep it up, Crazy Herb lady. =D

    • Mike looses him self in games too. He loves talking about old games you all played and the stuff he pulled. I wish you lived closer so he would have someone to play with!

  3. When I said I could One Word the entry. I was going to say Yoga. LOL! See it really does work miracles right?

    • I love yoga! I have gotten out of practice being here. I cant wait until we have real internet not just a wifi hot spot from my phone so I can get my yoga videos again!

  4. Mmmmmm….. Chocolate….

  5. Taking some time to focus on your own needs, as you have done, can really be key to staying/getting out of a funk. It’s so easy to forget about our own needs in the craziness of taking care of everybody else.

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