Summer time and the moving is crazy

Spring. Plants growing, flowers blooming, and allergies breaking the soul of the most tough people around. Rain falls, leaves appear, and spring is here.  In Spokane it STILL felt like spring, even though the summer solstice is almost upon us. We just arrived in Colorado yesterday and it finally feels like summer! The air is clean and smells like blooming flowers, not just one flower, but a bouquet of flowers all blooming and combining into a wonderful mélange of scents. Combine this with the smell of barbeque and the sound of kids playing in the pool, setting off illegal fireworks; and you have a beautiful beginning to the lightest time of year.

We just arrived in our new apartment, moving into 900sq ft compared to the almost 2000sq ft house (if you count the basement) we own in Spokane, with nothing but the possessions we could fit in the car, us, the baby, and the dog. It does not feel like home yet. Maybe we will feel better once the rest of our belongings arrive. Our stuff is scattered around the living room and one of the bedrooms. The apartment smells like a smoker lived here before and they tried to clean the smell out by painting and cleaning the carpets. So basically it smells like paint and smokey moldey carpet. There were finishing nails in the carpet on the floor that my child crawls on and I am still paranoid that one is lurking in a deep dark corner that only my little girl’s spidey senses can detect, and while my back is turned for two seconds she will find it and put it in her mouth. Does anyone have a large magnet I can use to get the stray nails off the floor?

The drive was not that bad for all that was going on. We were working our butts off on the house for 2 weeks prior to the move. Ten of those days we were working at least 10 hour days, usually 12 hour days trying to get everything done. We meant to leave Friday morning and get an early start on the drive so we could take our time and enjoy the scenery. We left Saturday night at 8:30 with a bunch of stuff left on the front porch, in the garage, and the window casings not finished. The house was a mess but we just couldn’t go any more! We got some construction workers to help us on Saturday and they are supposed to come back sometime this week to finish up the window casings. Thankfully the economy sucks and they were willing to do most of their work on trade. We are down two very nice saws and whatever they took from our donate pile, as well as the food that was left in the house, for their work on Saturday and this week. I just hope they go back to finish the work.

Our Realtor is wonderful and taking all this like a champ. She owns her own “green” cleaning company so we are paying her to take care of the house cleaning. If you need an eco-friendly maid service that does a great job let me know! I can give you her business info. She is amazing.

I still can’t believe how much garbage we had in the house! So much waste comes with a move. We recycled as much as we could and donated the rest but there was still a lot of waste. I was happy though that when we did put broken stuff out on the sidewalk with a sign that said “FREE” (broken baby gates, banged up broken desks, sod that didn’t get used, etc.) people took the stuff away right away! That made me feel a little bit better about getting rid of the stuff. We had two of the wooden framed, plastic cris-cross pattern in the center broken baby gates. One lady took a broken one to contain the new puppy she just got, and one took the other broken baby gate for her pea plants to climb up. What great thinking!

So we leave on Saturday night, tired, sore and grumpy, with a tired grumpy baby and a dog that has no idea what is going on. We got all the way into Montana and stopped. It was about 2 hours but we just could not go any further! When I got out of the car to get the hotel room a beautiful smell assaulted me. I say assaulted because you don’t really realize how bad you and your husband smell until you smell fresh clean air. We were pretty rank. The smell of a full, fast flowing, and live river permeated the air. The smell was so fresh and clean. There is no better smell in the world than fresh, clean, flowing water in clean air. MMMM. That was refreshing. We slept with the window open that night with that beautiful smell and the crisp spring air filling the room.

The next day we drove into Wyoming, which was a beautiful drive. The 90 freeway follows the river right down into the plains. The rolling hills, green grass, and overflowing and powerful river were very pretty and were a great sight to enjoy. We decided next year we are going to celebrate Ellies birthday in Yellowstone National Park. I have never been but always wanted to. What a great thing to share with your family! It is just about as close to us here in CO as it was in WA so no excuses! We have to go see. The air in Wyoming was also fresh and clean. I couldn’t believe how unpopulated it was. It is definitely somewhere we will have to visit someday.

So we got here in CO at 5:30 on Monday, right before the leasing office closed. Things were crazy and hectic but we got everything done and settled. Sitting here, in our new home I still feel disconnected from reality, like this is not our home. This is not our life. But it is, and we will make the most of it. I have spent a lot of time outside today, walking, getting connected with the earth and the rhythm of the place and I know I can find peace. I am drinking some tea from the plants I brought with me from Spokane to help bring the since of home to me here and now. Yes I brought herbs with me from Spokane to here. I am the crazy herb lady.

Hopefully I can bring these herbs with me to our next home and continue the health and vibrant energy I have been fostering all spring. I will bring it into summer, through fall, and hopefully some can live inside during winter. Life will be good. We will have peace. The heart just needs to follow what the mind has been repeating for months.

Happy summer solstice!


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  1. Welcome Home, Amanda!

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