Flip Diaper System

The Flip Diaper Cover by Cotton Babies is by far my most favorite diaper cover! I have tried multiple diaper covers and AI2 systems and flips are the easiest, most straight forward system yet. They are a one size system that adjust the length and width to your baby with snaps on the front of the diaper. Once you have the diaper sized correctly just put in your insert and you are good to go!

Flip Cloth Diaper Cover and Stay Dry Insert

I have used pre-folds, cotton, hemp and disposable inserts in this diaper and they all fit perfectly. These are a great option for kids in day cares that do not allow cloth diapering. Just use a bio-degreadeable insert with the shell and you are still being eco-friendly AND not using the plastic filled disposeables.

Flip Disposable - Sometimes life happens and you need something disposable

We have had no leaks because of the wonderful tiny  extra panel of cloth and elastic around the legs, and have not once had to switch out covers when we are out and about. One time we were at Costco and her cuteness had a big nasty poop (I know gross, but it is for the good of mommy kind) that got on the inside of the shell a little bit. I did not have an extra shell with me but the nasties just wiped right off! So easy to clean.

So if you are looking for a great diaper system that is straight forward, easy to use, great for chubby babies and skinny babies alike, and very versatile, I would highly recommend the Flip system.
You can buy them on-line at multiple retailers like http://www.flipdiapers.com/index.phpwww.cottonbabies.comwww.sandboxlane.com, www.amazon.com or, if you are in the inland north-west go take a close look at Mothers Haven http://www.mothershavenidaho.com/ where the employees can show you how to use them, what you can use them with, and answer any cloth diapering questions you have!
What is your favorite cloth diaper shell and why?

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