Bummis Easy Fit Diaper Review

Bummis Easy Fit Diaper is  the first cloth diaper type that I bought for Ellie. The owner of Mothers Haven (http://www.mothershavenidaho.com/) just raved them to me and showed me how they worked. She said they were her new favorite. So I decided, since I knew nothing about cloth diapering, to give them a try.

They are hard to describe so I am going to copy the decription from the website at  http://www.bummis.com/us/en/easy-fit.php?adr=1. There is even a video on the site!

The innovative Easy Fit diaper features an insert that is attached to the diaper. This makes it super simple to stuff – easier than a conventional pocket diaper. No fiddling around, just a quick tuck to slip the insert in the pocket. No more losing liners in the laundry! Because the liner is attached to the diaper, the Easy Fit combines the convenience of an all-in-one (AIO) diaper with some of the benefits of a 2-piece diaper – quick to dry and easy to clean.

The innovative design of the Easy Fit allows you to adjust the level of absorption. The attached liner can be folded to create up to 6 layers where your baby needs more absorption. Plus you have the option of adding extra inserts for heavy wetters or for nighttime.

The liner consists of 2 layers. One layer of ultra soft rayon from bamboo against baby’s tender skin, which absorbs 70% more quickly than cotton (on contact), which prevents run-off leaking out the side of the diaper when baby pees! The second layer is made of an ultra-absorbent 100% polyester microfibre that basically doubles the absorbance of the diaper. The Easy Fit also has protective side guards made of anti-wicking, soft brushed polyester that prevent compression wetness. This is a diaper engineered for successful leak containment and total convenience! People who use this diaper adore its trim fit, as well as the generously sized Velcro-type closures and fold-back laundry tabs that really stick.

The Easy Fit is a one-size diaper (8-35 lbs); you can adjust the rise using the snaps on the front of the diaper. The Easy Fit comes in bright and trendy colours and prints (Oeko-tex certified dyes!), plus white. Packaged minimally and eco-consciously.

easy fit size

When Ellie was a new born I decided to use the new born disposable diapers that family and friends gifted me at the baby showers. I hated to waste diapers I already had and quite frankly, I think I was a little scared to have a brand new life on my hands AND have to deal with extra laundry! I was not even doing our laundry at that point. So I waited until little miss was about a month old before we tried the diapers.

The bummis are a one size diaper with snaps on the front to adjust the rise of the diaper, and velcro across the tummy to adjust to the waist. I like how the velcro strip goes all the way across the middle of the belly so it works for the slimmist of babies.

With the snaps snapped for the smallest size my little munchkin still looked like she was drowning in her diaper. When I say “little” I am exagerating a bit. She was born at 9lb 6 oz and steadily gained wait after that! At 2 months old she was already 12lbs. So we are not talking about a mini baby here! It looked so uncomphortable to have such a big cloth booty! So I put off the cloth diapers again for another month and a half until she grew into them a little more.

I bought the one size because I figured they would work well from the very begining, but now I think I will buy the smaller size for my next child and not rely on the “one size” to work in the very first months. The diapers just seemed too bulkey.

Now she wears them as her main day time diapers and they work great. They have great absorbency, and I have not had any problems with ammonia smell or any rashes. I did have some problem with leaking at night but I stripped my diapers twice and switched the laundry detergent I was using and have not had a problem since.

All in all I give these diapers a 4 out of 5. The work great once the babe grows into them. They wash well and wear well. I hate all our other diapers that have velcro but these stand up in the wash well and stick to them selves and not the other diapers in the wash, for which I am extremely grateful!

Have you tried bummis yet? I would love your opinion!


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